I have completed all tasks on my dashboard, what happens next?

Once you complete all of the tasks on your dashboard, our team will check all of the documents that you’ve uploaded and will let you know if anything extra is required. Assuming everything is in order, you will receive confirmation of your loan from Prodigy Finance. The final loan agreement will appear for signature on your dashboard.

Should you require documentation to prove your funds for visa purposes or financial guarantee to the school, we will issue you with a Loan Confirmation letter. We’ll only send this letter after you’ve completed all of the steps for your loan application and your loan agreement has been finalised.

An electronic copy of your Loan Confirmation letter will be uploaded to your dashboard and can be used as financial guarantee for the school. In some instances, this electronic copy may be used for your visa application. 

 If you’re attending a school in the UK, we advise you use your original Loan Confirmation letter when applying for your visa. We can send this letter via DHL at an additional fee of GBP 25. Expected delivery time via DHL is 3 business days. We’ll provide you with a tracking number as soon as the document has been collected by DHL. If it has not been delivered within 1 week from the date of collection, we will send another copy via DHL at no additional charge to you.

You will only sign the final loan agreement electronically after you arrive on campus, before the start of class.  The loan duration, as well as the 14-day withdrawal period, will start on the day that we execute the agreement by countersigning the document.  This happens as soon as we receive your signed copy via EchoSign. Interest only accrues from the date of disbursement.

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