Can I change (reduce/increase) my loan amount after accepting the Provisional Offer from Prodigy?

You can request a reduction in the loan amount at any time before signing the final loan agreement upon arrival on campus at the start of class. Should you decide to reduce your loan amount, you will not be penalised.

If you wish to increase your loan amount, send us an email requesting an increased loan amount and your reasons for this change.  Our Credit Committee will review your request and revert with a decision as soon as possible.  Should your request be approved we will then issue you with updated loan documents including your new corresponding administration fee resulting from the increased loan size which will be amortized in your loan.

Should you wish to withdraw your application after receiving an offer in order to explore other options, you are welcome to do so; simply inform us of your decision and we’ll then release those funds so they may be assigned to other deserving candidates. If you’d like to re-apply in the future, you will have to start a new application.

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