How to complete the loan application?

  1. Visit the Prodigy Finance website Get A Loan page to select the school you want to attend from the drop down menu. Please note that you must already be accepted to a qualifying programme to submit your application.
  2. To start the application, provide your email address and click “Apply Now”.
  3. Complete the form including your business school, name, email address, and confirmation of our terms. The system will send you an email to authenticate your email address.
  4. Authenticate your email address by following the link in your email.
  5. Dashboard: Once your email address has been authenticated, you can log into your dashboard to complete the information required for a Prodigy loan application:
      1. Select the school, campus, programme and class you want to attend
      1. Complete personal information (name, nationality, DOB, country of residency, etc.)
      1. Complete contact information (telephone number, address, email, etc.) (Note: ALL fields need to be completed in this section)
    4. BUDGET
      1. Total Budget is provided in the form, so you have to tell us how you plan to cover the tuition and living expenses: Complete information related to the following items:
        • Deposit: tell us if you have already paid the deposit. In most of the cases for most of the schools, you will have to pay the deposit to the school before the loan has been disbursed
        • Scholarships and Sponsorships: please, let us know if you have been granted a scholarship or have confirmed sponsorship. Take into account that for many schools you can only request a loan to pay the tuition outstanding, so please check the webpage corresponding to your school to find out the maximum loan amount you can request;
        • Loan from Prodigy: tell us the amount you would like to request to Prodigy Finance;
        • Other loans: if you have other loans to help you fund your master degree, please state it here.
        • Savings: please, tell us here if you have savings that you will use to cover part of your studies. Also, if you are receiving a family contribution (gift from family or friends to pay your studies), please include this amount in the Savings field as well.
    5. INCOME
      1. Select years of work experience, type of employment, employer name, job level, country where you have been working, period of employment with the company, employment status, and state the monthly salary you have received for the past three months.
      1. Tell us about other debts outstanding that you have including amount, interest rate, remaining term to finalize payment.
    7. ASSETS
      1. Tell us about the assets you own (property, other savings, listed and unlisted investments, etc.). You should be the sole name owner or a co-signatory of the asset. Assets in the name of other family members are not applicable.
      1. Provide information of next of kin and contact details, and also use this space to give us information that you consider important in your application and that you have not been able to mention before.

After completing all fields, you are ready to submit your application to Prodigy Finance. After submission of your completed application many students will receive an offer immediately. Occasionally we may need to ask for additional information and it may take up to 5 working days for our team to get back to you with an answer.


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