Completing your application for a 1 year programme

After selecting the school and course you want to attend and completing personal and contact information, you will be asked to provide the following information:

1) Budget: Please complete the budget section as if you are about to start your studies (even if you are already studying). Our Credit Committee will need to see how you intend to finance the full cost of your education. Your budget must, therefore, include:

  • Full tuition (reservation/commitment fees, deposits, and any payments already made to the School)
  • Living costs for the entire year
  • All sources of funding (including scholarships or tuition discounts offered by the School) which will make up the total budget

Note: If your budget includes any other loans additional to and apart from the Prodigy loan, you must state the source and repayment terms (amount, rate, and repayment period).

2) Income: Provide full details for at least the last 3 years of your employment history. If you have been working for less than 3 years, please provide your entire work history.

Also, provide the details of your latest gross monthly salary (PRE-STUDY salary) on the Income section of your application. If you are currently unemployed, please share what you have been doing since your last employment ended. You can add this information in the field for Additional Information at the end of your application.

3) Liabilities:  Ensure that the liabilities section reflects ALL debts (loans, credit cards, other forms of financing) that you currently hold, EXCEPT loans already included in the Budget section. Please state the source and repayment terms (amount, rate, and repayment period) of any loans currently outstanding.

4) Assets: Include all assets that you currently hold in your name, regardless whether you will be using these assets to fund your studies or not.

5) Additional Info: Provide us with a work email address for both a family and professional reference.  These references are used for character reference only; references are not used as financial guarantors.  

Should you receive a loan offer, we may contact your next of kin by phone. Please ensure we have the correct email and contact number, including the international dialling code, and that this person can comfortably hold a conversation in English.

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