I will be unable to meet the task deadline. Can I get an extension?

For your Loan offer: In the interest of fairness towards all applicants, we generally do not extend the deadline on the acceptance of the loan offer. However, if you reach out to explain your situation, we may be able to provide some more time. Please, email to request an extension.

Remember, you can withdraw your loan at a later stage; you will only sign the legally binding final loan agreement upon arrival on campus at the start of class.

For Supporting Documentation: We understand that some students may experience difficulty providing the required documentation within desired time frames and we do our utmost to accommodate extensions where necessary. However, as the success of the loan programme depends on open communication within the community, should you fail to meet the deadlines without prior contact, we reserve the right to withdraw your loan offer and reallocate the funds to another deserving student.

We can extend task deadlines with advance notice.  Should you need more time to upload all of the required supporting documentation, please email to request an extension.

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