Official Bank Statements

Bank statements show incoming deposits and outgoing transactions from your bank account.

Bank statements should preferably be in English. If they are only available in a foreign language (or otherwise are unclear), please provide us with English translations.

Our ID Verification Team supports a wide range of languages, so you may not need to upload a translation for your documents. In the rare instance where a translation is required, we will let you know. Should translation be required, you are welcome to use a freelance service such as provided you include the full name and contact details of the translator.

If documents are not available in English, a certified English translation may speed up the process. However, our ID Verification Team supports a wide range of languages so in most cases a translation is not required. Should your documents be in an unsupported language, we will let you know.

Please include the full name of a bank manager, relationship manager, employer, or other person who can verify these documents, if necessary.

A note on internet statements: These documents must be either paper documents or e-statements that are delivered by the issuer to you. Internet banking screenshots or unofficial statements are not accepted.

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