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    Carlos Eduardo Dominguez Vazquez


    I have just received my confirmation letter, after uploading my supporting documents. My concern is that in the final letter, the amount approved is just around 12K USD, however the total amount required, and condicionally confirmed in January, was around 36K USD.

    I understood that for operational reasons, you split my loan in two. Is that the reason why you sent me a confirmation letter for only 12K USD?

    Thanks for your answer.

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    Dear Prodigy:

    I´m trying to access my application process but it appears that my application is completed I I need to upload my pending documents. Let me know hoe I can work it out.



    Laura Cortés

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    Rakesh Bhye Bhuckory

    Hi team

    I was granted a Prodigy loan of 40000£ for my Sloan 2016. I am following the course now. I urgently need a top up of 15,000-20000£. Kindly advise me how can I apply for a top up loan. I would highly appreciate it please. It's urgent please. Many thanks and regards.

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