How does an arrangement work?

An arrangement is a change in the loan repayment schedule, designed to temporarily adjust loan repayments during periods of financial difficulty. The purpose of an arrangement is to give you a bit of time to sort out your finances before resuming payments.

If you find yourself in a position where you need to adjust your loan payments for a short time, please reach out to explain your current situation and discuss an arrangement. If you'd like to do this, we'll ask you to provide full details on your current income, expenses and assets. If you are married or have an additional source of income in a communal household, we'll ask you to indicate your contribution to the household expenses.

Arrangements are not to be entered into lightly as your account will be flagged both internally and externally to the investors who have funded your loan. When we receive a request for an arrangement, it is submitted to our credit committee for approval. If approved, the arrangement will start from the beginning of the following month.

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