What supporting documents do I need?

After you’ve accepted your Provisional Offer you will be prompted to upload documents to support information provided in your application. To speed loan processing we suggest having these documents ready when you apply: 

Proof of Identity

Proof of Admission

Credit Report

Proof of Address

Proof of Income

Proof of Savings (if applicable)

Proof of Scholarships or Company Sponsorship (if applicable)

Financial Aid Form (if applicable)


Language translation and currency conversion:  We anticipate your documents will be in your local language but please note that certified English language copies will speed up the application process.  In most cases our in-house servicing team will be able to translate and currency convert your documents, but in the rare instance where a translation is required, we will let you know.


Tasks requiring multi-file upload: To upload multiple files, attach them via the pop-up interface and submit all of them together.  If your task locks, please email


Task deadlines: We understand that you may experience difficulty obtaining some documents within the desired timeframe and therefore we are able to extend the deadline if you contact us in advance.  We reserve the right to withdraw your loan offer if you miss the deadline and we do not hear from you.


Proof of Identity

Acceptable documents: Passport or Drivers’ License in a clearly readable format.  A color scan of the identification page is sufficient, we do not need to see a copy of every page.  If you carry more than one passport, please ensure they are all provided.

Uploading your picture: a high-quality image clearly showing your face.



Proof of Address:

Acceptable documents: Utility bill, bank statement, official government document.  The document must state your name and residential address matching what you stated in your application, and be dated within the last three months.

If you’re struggling to prove your address please watch this video:


Credit Report:

Please click here to learn more


Proof of Income: 

Acceptable documents: Three months’ salary slips (dated within the last six months) and one corresponding bank statement (screenshots or unofficial statements will not be accepted)

If you're self-employed or can't provide salary slips, watch this video


Proof of Admission:

Acceptable documents: Letter or email from your school showing your full name, school, course and that you have been accepted.  A screenshot or scan is acceptable in these formats: jpg, jpeg, png and pdf.


Proof of Savings (if applicable):

Acceptable documents: Official savings or investment account statements of the person(s) making the contribution or gift.  The statement must show available funds for the amount listed in your application.

Family contribution or gift: the person(s) making the contribution will need to complete this form and upload to your dashboard in addition to providing the statements.

Pre-payments to the school: if you have already made payments to the school, these can be included as part of your Proof of Savings.  Please upload transfer receipts or a paid invoice from the school with the accompanying bank statement showing the outgoing payment from your account.


Proof of Scholarship / Company Sponsorship (if applicable):

Acceptable documents: A letter on official letterhead from the source of the scholarship / sponsorship confirming the amount and that you are the recipient.


Financial Aid Form (if application):

As part of U.S. school certification (where the school confirms a borrower’s eligibility for a loan), some of the schools that we work with will require you to complete a Financial Aid Form.  Please contact the Financial Aid team at your school to obtain and complete this.


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