What is a Credit Report and how do I get one?

Even if you have never taken out credit before, it’s important to provide us with a credit report. The process for obtaining a credit report differs in each country, we have listed some links below to help you. Some of these options may no longer be available, in which case please visit your bank for guidance or email us at for support.

Argentina - OR

Armenia -

Australia - OR

Azerbaijan - Centralized Credit Registry Service Of Central Bank Of The Republic Of Azerbaijan. Please contact your local bank for instructions on how to obtain this document.

Bahrain -

Bangladesh -

Belgium -

Brazil - (select the option "Serasa AntiFraude")

Bulgaria - Central Credit Register of the Bulgarian National Bank

Canada - OR

Chile -

China - People's Bank of China (ID card required)

Colombia - OR

Costa Rica -

Cote d'Ivoire -

Czech Republic - Czech Banking Credit Bureau OR CreditInfo Czech Republic

Denmark -

Dominican Republic - Transunion OR DataCredito

Ecuador -

Egypt - Egyptian Credit Bureau (You will need to visit any of the member banks with your national ID card.)

El Salvador:

Estonia -

France -

Georgia -

Germany -

Ghana -

Greece -

Guatemala - please reach out to us at to request our assistance

Honduras -

Hong Kong -

Hungary -

India - CIBIL (Request your CIBIL Score Including CIR)

Indonesia - Biro Informasi Kredit

Iran -

Ireland - Irish Credit Bureau

Italy -

Jamaica - Creditinfo Jamaica

Japan -

Jordan - Jordan Credit Union

Kazakhstan - First Credit Bureau (CreditInfo)

Kenya - OR

Kuwait - Credit Information Network (Ci-Net)

Kyrgyzstan -

Lebanon - Complete the attached Release Form to give us permission to perform a background and credit check on you from our side.

Macedonia -

Madagascar -

Malaysia -

Mauritius - You can get this MCIB (Mauritius Credit Information Bureau), but you must call in person at the MCIB and make a formal request.

Mexico -

Mozambique -

Nepal -

Netherlands -

New Zealand -;; and

Nigeria - OR

Norway -

Pakistan - Request your Credit Information Report from your bank, or complete the attached Release Form to give us permission to perform a background and credit check on you from our side.

Panama -

Paraguay -

Peru -

Philippines -

Poland - BIK Biuro Informacji Kredytowej (Request the PLUS Report WITH Score.)

Portugal - Equifax Iberica (Credinformações)

Qatar - Visit the Customer Service Center at Qatar Credit Bureau and apply for a Credit Report. You will need to present your original ID card, fill in a credit information report request form and attach a copy of your ID card.

Romania -

Russia - Experian-Interfax

Saudi Arabia -

Singapore -

Slovakia -

South Africa -

South Korea - National Information & Credit Evaluation, Inc; Korea Information Service, Inc; Seoul Credit Rating & Information, Inc; Korea Credit Bureau; or your local bank.

Spain -

Sri Lanka -

Sweden -

Switzerland -

Thailand - OR

Trinidad and Tobago -

Turkey -

Uganda -

Ukraine - First Credit Bureau Ukraine; International Bureau of Credit Histories; OR IBCH.

United Arab Emirates - Al Etihad Credit Bureau

United Kingdom - Experian or Equifax

United States - US students are able to obtain a FREE annual credit report from which you have access to for up to 6 months. You can also receive a credit report at Experian beyond 6 months for a fee.

Uruguay -

Venezuela -

Vietnam -

Zambia -

Zimbabwe - Financial Clearing Bureau

Note: If the report is issued in a language other than English, you will be required to submit the original document as well as a full English translation by a certified translator. We recommend for translations to English.


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