How do I complete the loan application form?

Click ‘Apply Now’ to register, authenticate your email address, and login to begin your application. The application form has 8 stages and will take around 30 minutes to complete:

1. School and Class: Select the school you’re admitted to, and the class (academic period) that this application is for. Each academic period requires a separate application (click here to learn more)

2. Personal Info: Provide your personal details and contact information.

3. Residential Info: Provide your residential information.

4. Budget: Tell us how you plan to fund your study period.

a. First of all, check your Cost of Attendance (the maximum amount you can borrow) by visiting your school’s dedicated loan term page. Some schools allow loans for tuition only while others allow loans for living expenses as well.

b. If your course has multiple study periods, we will need to see how you plan to fund the study period you are applying for, as well as your entire course.

c. Outline the amounts you plan to use from each funding source: scholarships, company sponsorship, requested loan from Prodigy Finance, any loans from other lenders (if yes, provide details), and savings or gift contributions from family / friends. Our platform will automatically change any currency you input into the currency of your loan.

d. The budget summary will automatically update to display the amounts listed in your funding sources. If the sum of these match your Cost of Attendance you have completed your budget and can move forwards. If you have any ‘Outstanding Funds’ remaining you will need to increase your funding source amount before you can progress.

5. Income: Provide details of your pre-study employment and income, note that this information will need to be verified with supporting documents later in the process. If you are an existing borrower applying for another period, this information should not change. If you were previously unemployed, provide details from your last employment and share what you have been doing since it ended.

6. Liabilities: Provide details of existing debt that will not be used to support your studies, such as credit card debt, personal loans, mortgage or auto loans amongst others. We will need to see the source and repayment terms for each.

7. Assets: Provide details of property and assets for which you are the sole named owner or co-signatory. You do not need to include assets in the name of other family members.

8. Additional Info: Almost finished! Use this space to give us information that you consider important in your application and that you have not been able to mention before.

Can you view a summary of your application and when you’re ready, hit ‘Submit’!

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